$2000 Donation Matching Grant – We can do it!

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Thank you to everyone who has already made a donation to our End of Year campaign. With your help we’ve raised a whopping $5,665 in the last few days, for a total of $17,228 towards our $[therm_t] goal! Thank you!

This is the home stretch – so far you’ve donated an incredible 69% of our $25,000 goal, and we need a little more help to raise the rest by midnight, December 31st. To aid our efforts, the next $2000 in donations will be doubled by a generous matching grant from Eric and Cynthia Meyer. If we raise $2000, that will be doubled, taking us to $22,464, almost but not quite to our goal.

We have 2 days left to raise $5,772. That’s a lot to raise in a very short period of time. When we do the math, it looks pretty tough: Raise over $2500 a day for 2 days in a row? Yes! With your help we can do it. Maybe you can only afford to give $15? Or $10? Awesome! Maybe you can afford to give $1000. Wonderful! It is the power of  individuals coming together for a common purpose that will make this happen. If you haven’t made a year end contribution, please give today at bikeslocounty.org/donate. 2015 was a great year for SLO County, with numerous infrastructure wins (new bike lanes, green lanes, buffered bikelanes) countywide. Your gift today will help us make 2016 even better.

If you’ve already donated, please consider spreading the word. Tell your friends about Bike SLO County and the work we do. Want better bikeways throughout SLO County? Tell your friends, your coworkers, tell your boss, ask them to invest in the future of bikes with a donation today. By spreading the word, you inspire others to see and help create a more bike friendly future.

More Ways to Help

Earlier this year we made it free for anyone who likes bikes to join Bike SLO County. Our Mission, to improve the Volunteerquality of life in SLO County through bicycle advocacy, education and inspiration, would be impossible to achieve without the help of countless individuals and organizations who donate their valuable time as volunteers. All of our programs, the Bike Kitchen, Bike Valet, Kidical Mass, even our Bike Education classes for kids and adults, are made possible and improved by people just like you. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d be thrilled to have you. Check out our Events Calendar for volunteer opportunities: https://bikeslocounty.org/events/

If you don’t see any current opportunities that spark your interest, email us at volunteer@slobikelane.org and we will keep you updated as we add more.