Advocacy Toolkit

We’ve put together some useful information about bicycle facilities and projects for you! Use this toolkit to learn:

  • How a project gets built
  • The types of bicycle facilities
  • The various acronyms used by planners and government officials

Download a pdf copy of the toolkit here, or view some of the information below, enjoy!

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Types of SLO County Bicycle Riders


RiderTypesGraphComfortable riding a bike on any road or intersection regardless of traffic speed, volume, or road conditions.


Comfortable riding a bike on certain roads with wide shoulders, bike lanes, and can navigate busy intersections with ease.


(Top priority for current Bike SLO County advocacy efforts)

Only comfortable riding a bike on bike paths, roads with bike lanes, or neighborhood streets with low traffic speed and volume.


Does not and will not ever ride bicycles.

(Numbers based on data from the 2013 Bike Barriers Survey. View the SLOCOG report.)

Types of Bicycle Facilities

In all corners of America, we are seeing innovative solutions for bicycles on our roadways. The goal of many of these facilities is to create a safer more comfortable space to get more people riding. To share this incredible progress, we put together this quick guide for you. We hope it will inspire you to think big as we shape the future of bicycles in SLO County together!

Infrastructure: Concept to Completion

The following section follows a bicycle friendly infrastructure project through its typical stages from concept to completion. Depending on scale, getting a project built in your community may take months or years.

Small-scale localized projects can sometimes be completed swiftly by working directly with city staff. Large-scale regional projects take years to complete because they are more expensive, require studies, environmental reports and need political support from various cities, the county, or more.