Know the Board: Jaime

What do you do to pay the bills? I have been working as a Community and Environmental Planner here in San Luis Obispo for about 10 years, holding positions varying from working for the City of SLO’s Community Development Department to working for Rideshare as the Bicycle Programs Coordinator. Most recently I worked for a private planning firm, PMC, primarily assisting local governments as they address Climate Change. Right now I am taking some time off to be a full-time mom to my twin boys.

What kind of riding do you do? How often? Although I do an occasional spandex ride through wine country, and have done several century rides with my dad, most of my riding is around town or on various paths with the boys in tow. At only 17 months they are giddy when they see the bike helmets come out!

What do you think the most important thing the Coalition has done in SLO County? Although it is hard to choose just one, as a planner I would have to say that one of the Coalition’s most important roles is being an organizing force for cyclists to help us be more visible in this County. The Coalition is constantly reminding both government agencies as well as regular citizens about the needs and rights of cyclists.

What advice do you have to encourage others to get on their bicycles? Just try it and you’ll be amazed at how easy and fun it is. As a mother with twin toddlers I feel like I am proof that it is doable!

What’s your favorite thing about bicycles? Bikes are fun, and offer you a much more up close and personal experience with the world each time you are out rather than being trapped in a car. And I love the sense of community – each time you are out on a bike you are virtually guaranteed a smile or wave from another cyclist – when is the last time that happened to you in a car?

Describe your favorite bicycle memory… Everyday when I feel the wind in my face as I cruise down the hill from my house, and then again with the great view from the top of the Jennifer Street Bridge. It’s a great reward with on my way back over the hill.

If you had to name your favorite bicycle, what would you name it? My bikes name is Sheila, and she never lets me down.

Anything else you want to share? Biking here in SLO County is so easy and a true joy. I feel so fortunate to live in a community where my family can be outside together enjoying this beautiful place and leading a healthy lifestyle. And I love that you see people of all ages, fitness levels and all distinctions imaginable enjoying cycling!

Share Your Bike Hacks!

We’re always looking to share useful bike hacks with people, do you have one that you’re proud of? Send it our way and we can share it with the masses (giving you credit for your genius, obviously)!

Email for any hacks you want to share.


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CRAZY automated bike parking in Japan…

Know the Board: David

What do you do to pay the bills? I own a consulting practice specializing in organizational development and innovation and I teach English at Righetti High School in Santa Maria.

What kind of riding do you do? How often? Mostly road, some fire roads/trails, 1-2 times a week (not often enough!)

What do you think the most important thing the Coalition has done in SLO County? By providing information, rider resources and advocacy, the Coalition has put a human/organizational face on the “nachas” and goodwill associated with making our community safe to enjoy the great outdoors and get from place to place under our own power, without spending $4/gallon.

What advice do you have to encourage others to get on their bicycles? 

  1. Add up the money you spent on gas last month. 
  2. Bicycling not only gets you where you want to go, it improves you and inspires the people around you. 
  3. It’s easy to find drivers who’d rather be anywhere but behind the steering wheel.  See if you can find a bicyclist– on a custom carbon number, a beach cruiser, a trike or a forty-pound rig with a trailer full of worldly possessions– who’d rather NOT be in the saddle.

What’s your favorite thing about bicycles? They are simple, they are elegant, they are fun, they are associated in my mind with youth, health and freedom, and they spawned the ultimate ease-of-use cliche: “It’s like riding a bike.”

Describe your favorite bicycle memory: My first ride, during which I wobbled, pedaled furiously, wobbled some more, and ultimately crashed my Schwinn into Grandma Avis’ rose bushes about sixty feet from where I started.

If you had to name your favorite bicycle, what would you name it? Land shark

Anything else you want to share? ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!

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Great video from Chicago’s Kidical Mass, a cover song of Rebecca Black’s ever-popular “Friday”…

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We’ll see you tonight (and tomorrow) for the SLO Granfondo!

Happy Friday!

“Mini” Bike Ed, October 11th

We’ll be hosting a free Bike Ed Workshop as part of Rideshare month at the Coalition HQ in downtown SLO! The short version of our workshops will be 1 hour, in our space to go over some basics about smart bike riding techniques.

When: Tuesday, October 11th, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Where: Coalition HQ, 860 Pacific St, SLO (map)

Why: Get the basics about riding your bike on the streets! Making your riding experience easier and more comfortable! Plus, it’s FREE.