Here comes Two-Wheeled Wednesday

Be Active, Be Social, Win!

This week we introduce Two-Wheeled Wednesday. Our goal? To get more folks riding bikes, at least one day a week. Already ride more than that? Awesome! Want to ride more but don’t think you have the time? Two-Wheeled Wednesday! Have friends who are interested in riding but haven’t made the leap? Two-Wheeled Wednesday! TwoWheeledWednesdayChimpWant an excuse to ride your bike even more? Two-Wheeled Wednesday!

Here’s how it works: On Two-Wheeled Wednesday,  ride your bicycle.  With friends. With colleagues. With strangers. Even alone, on Wednesdays we all ride together. Ride to coffee, to work, to school, to anywhere our bikes will take us. Ride with anyone and everyone who wants to ride. Ride a mile, or two, or around the block. But ride, and invite others. In Paso. In Pismo. In Cambria, Santa Margarita, SLO, Oceano, anywhere and everywhere in SLO County and beyond. The idea behind Two-Wheeled Wednesday is simply riding bikes and encouraging others to ride as well, no matter the distance.

Participate and Win

To encourage as many people as possible to ride on Two-Wheeled Wednesdays, we’ll have monthly giveaways. To be entered, take a photo or video of your ride and share it with us on our Facebook, InstagramTwitter or Tumblr pages using the hashtag #twowheeledwednesday. At the end of each month, we’ll do a drawing for Bike Lights, Bike Kitchen Passes and other great stuff. To clarify: Two-Wheeled Wednesday takes place every Wednesday, drawings take place at the end of each month in 2016.

Share your photo or video entries with us on:

Facebook: BikeSLOCounty  Instagram: bikeslocounty  Twitter: bikeslo Tumblr: bikeslocounty

Make sure to include the #twowheeledwednesday hastag! Invite your friends! Invite your neighbors! We can’t wait to see all the SLO County bike riders!

Women’s Road Skills Class

Women’s Road Skills – For Women – Taught by Women

Sometimes women face different obstacles when choosing to ride a bicycle for fun or transportation – this workshop seeks to remove these barriers and help you feel confident on our roadways.

We’ll provide an introduction to the basic rules of the road, laws that apply to bicycles, 20120629-SLOBC-Downtown-Girl-S-1934981894-Otechniques to increase predictability and visibility, common misconceptions about bicycle riding and a review of local intersections and how to approach them. We’ll practice bicycle handling skills, then go on the road to ride, with an emphasis on predictability and visibility with all road users. Afterwards we’ll stop for a post-ride review and to listen to your reflections.

This class, originally scheduled for March 2015, has been postponed until May 16th. Due to the low response rate we’ve decided to wait until Bike Month and offer it then. Stay tuned for more info!