Donate Your Old Bike

Every year our Bike Kitchen helps thousands of people learn to fix their own bicycles. We’re able to accomplish this because we have all the parts, tools and knowledge that people need to get the job, whatever it is, done. We can teach people to build a bike from the ground up, to fix the junker they found at a garage sale, or to simply tune up their bicycle or fix a flat. We serve all types of people, and are committed to creating a safe space for everyone.

Bike Kitchen Hours ExpandOne of the ways the Bike Kitchen earns enough money to continue to provide these services is through the sale of gently used bikes. All of the bicycles we sell are bikes that have been generously donated, by people just like you. When a donated bike arrives we get to work, tuning it up with care so that it’s in the best possible shape when it gets back on the road (or trail).

Who Donates Bikes?

All kinds of folks donate bicycles to us. Sometimes when someone buys a new bike they think of us and donate their old one. Every now and then we receive bikes from people who are getting on in years and are focusing on other interests. Many bikes come from people whose eyes are bigger than their storage (too many bikes, not enough space).

Regardless of who you are, we hope that you’re someone who will donate your old bicycle to the Bike Kitchen. We’re usually able to offer a wide variety of bikes for sale, but every now and then donations slow down and the number of bikes for sale dwindles. This is one of those times. Please consider a donation to the Bike Kitchen, and remember that your donation is tax deductible. Just ask us for a form and we’ll gladly provide one to make your write-off as easy as possible.

We accept most bikes, other than “department store” bikes like Next, Roadmaster, Magma, and modern Free Spirit bikes. These bicycles are often constructed with very low quality parts in non-standard sizes and are not designed to be serviceable.

Ready to donate? The Bike Kitchen is open from Noon – 5 PM, each Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Have questions? Call us at 805-547-2055 during Bike Kitchen hours or email

Like Bikes?

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