Bike Rebuild Workshop

Build (or rebuild) your Dream Bike

Our new Bike Rebuild Workshop starting on August 6th is a great way to learn bicycle maintenance by dismantling and rebuilding a bicycle for restoration. Students will be guided through purchasing appropriate parts and have the opportunity to powder coat through a local company, for an additional cost. Registration for this course is limited to 5 students.

Cookie_Kitchen_600Some parts* will be included in the registration fee ($200). This class is taught at the Bike Kitchen in SLO by Bike SLO County and certified League instructors using the curriculum from the League of American Bicyclists.

Day One: Thursday, August 6th 9am-12pm

  • learn the parts of the bike
  • dismantle a bike, a personal** bike or a bike kitchen bike
  • removal of wheels, tires and tubes
  • prepare the bike for powdercoating
  • create a parts list
  • if painting, choose color sample, bikes sent to coaters

Day Two: Thursday, August 13th 9am-12pm

  • Review of basic bicycle components
  • Clean and prep parts for reassemble
  • Review and confirm parts and parts list

Day Three: Thursday, August 20th 9am-12pm

  • Assemble your bike!

All Bike Rebuild Workshop participants will receive a free visit to the bike kitchen during August.

Ready to sign up? You can do that right here: Bike Rebuild Workshop Registration

Course agenda subject to change.

* Parts included: cables, black housing, loose ball bearings, grease, lube, miscellaneous small parts.

**Personal bikes must be cleared by Tyler Jamieson at least one week prior to class. Call 805-547-2055 to schedule bike check.