Bike Lights at Night

Long Nights? Bike Lights!

Daylight Savings Time ended early Sunday morning and the days are getting shorter as the nights grow longer. Now is a great time to make sure the batteries on your bike lights are fully charged.

Don’t have bike lights or reflectors? Even if it wasn’t a legal requirement (it is) having lights and reflectors makes you much more visible to other vehicles and pedestrians at night. According to CaliforniaVehicle Code Section 21201, bicycles need to be equipped with a white light in the front and a red reflector (or light) in the rear. Additionally bikes need white or yellow reflectors on their pedals and/or the side of their bike.

Most bike shops will be happy to help you find the right lights for your bike. Even our own Bike Kitchen has a selection of lights to help you bike safe and smart this Fall and Winter. There are plenty of cool options out there to help you light up the night!