Bike Hack: DIY Bike Storage

Guest hack provided by Tony Baldick on his MASHIRA site. Indoor bicycle storage can be tricky, as space is always limited, but with some simple IKEA parts, Baldick was able to create a pretty awesome 3-tier system…

Presenting the 3 tier stacked IKEA storage bicycle rack!  All rack components are from the modular (and very inexpensive) Stolmen series from IKEA.  Using this post for inspiration, I used two telescoping posts, two clothes rails, ten end fixtures, and six hooks.  This, in my mind, made the system more secure and stable for three bikes.  All tools for assembly are included with components.  In a nutshell, use the Ikea instructions for assembly.  Padded strips with adhesive backing placed on the inside of the Stolmen hooks will prevent scratching.
Like :   No drilling is required!  All components are matte white, which will probably look good against any interior.  This being a modular system, you can add or subtract other add-ons from the same model family.  Put some plants on it, or a mirror, maybe a cat bed?  And lastly, 3 stacked bikes!  Who has that?  Watch friends marvel at your mad hacking engineering skills.  Cost : $100 – $120ish.
No Like :  Yea, getting that top bike kinda sucks.  I stand on a chair to grab the highest bike and put said bike back.  Obviously, having the lightest bike on the top helps.
Looks pretty great to us… got more bike hacks? Share them with us, we’d love to show-off your innovation!