2015 National Bike Summit

This week our Executive Director Dan Rivoire has been attending the 2015 National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. and sent us the following update:

For the second straight year, the week kicked off with the womenbikeWomen Bike Summit. Taking a close look at advocacy through a gender lens really helped us learn more about what we can be doing to welcome everyone into our bike community in San Luis Obispo. Seriously, the sessions were awesome right out of the gate. Multicultural Communities for Mobility out of Los Angeles handled the crowd and helped us all grow like an absolute boss. We discussed the importance of supporting and protecting safe spaces for everyone in our community through things like women only bike education and rides. The highlight was learning the term of the hour when it comes to supporting LGBTQ communities: Be an accomplice, not just an ally. I just can’t wait to get home and keep talking about how the SLO County Bike Coalition can take serious action toward being inclusive. Check out Multicultural Communities for Mobility here: https://www.multicultimobility.org/.

dcbikeshare500Rolling around D.C. has been a breeze on Capital Bikeshare and the incredibly awesome network of protected bikeways that connect up all the neighborhoods of the city center. This protected bike lane merge really blew my mind. It’s exciting to know that we’re working on similar awesomeness in some of tricky spots in SLO (more coming soon).

Day two was pretty awesome. I got to say hi to the Mayor of Culver City, Meghan Sahli-Wells, the hero bike advocate turned decision maker that inspired me to run for council after I saw her speak at the bike summit last year.The best workshop was definitely the panel of advocate superstars from NY and SF talking about the Vision Zero Campaign: working towards zero traffic deaths. Their focus is to bring the campaign to cities throughout the US and remind us all that injuries and fatalities on our roadways are preventable. Cities throughout San Luis Obispo County are doing relatively well, but the branding and communications of the Vision Zero Campaign really help all modes of transportation rally around the cause. Truly unbelievable to hear such ambitious and honorable goals being set in communities throughout the country.

Today, we’re hoofing it around Capital Hill. We had a great meeting with Aaron Shapiro from Representative Lois Capps’ office and two staff for Senator Barbara Boxer’s staff. It’s a big year up here because the National Transportation Bill is on the table for re-authorization. I expect our ask to protect funding for biking and walking will go over very well, the support for biking and walking in the US is getting stronger with every passing year.

I’m coming home with a hop in my step, truly excited.

See You in the Bike Lane,