Google Maps Adds Bicycle Directions!

A while ago, the Coalition had encouraged our members and supporters to sign a petition to Google, asking them to add bicycle directions to their popular mapping features. Today, at the 2010 National Bike Summit in Washington DC, they announced the launch of the newest Google Map feature!

This video shows how you can make it work for you:

Congrats to Google for listening to what it’s users had to say, and implementing a great feature to it’s maps! A special shout out to everyone who signed the petition requesting the bicycle directions too, it worked!

SLO Bike Boulevard in the News

Our bike boulevard here in San Luis Obispo, located on Morro St downtown, is in the news on the Los Angeles Streetsblog! The bike boulevard has been established for almost 3 years, and the barriers were added a little over a year ago. The barriers give bicycles the ability to pass through, while cars are redirected towards side streets, drastically reducing the car traffic on the street.

photo: Drew Reed

If you have not already taken a ride on the Morro St/Bill Roalman Bike Boulevard, it is a great chance to feel empowered on your bicycle, with decreased car traffic on the street, it is a very safe, comfortable ride for all types of riders.  At the end of the street is a bike stop light sensor, allowing bicycles to have their own light at the Morro St & Santa Barbara St intersection. Simply place your bicycle on the marked sensors and see the bike light turn green for you to safely cross the busy intersection!

Special thanks to Drew Reed over at the LAStreets Blog for the SLO Bike Coalition shout out!

cycling education videos

interested in learning the ropes of how to safely and legally ride in the streets? check out the Cyclist Lorax youtube channel for great videos from a bicycle’s perspective to understand the safest ways for you to get around town on your bike.

if you want to jump on your bike and experience some of these techniques first hand, look into some of the bike confidence workshops that the SLO Bike Coalition puts on throughout the year!

tattoo bicycle helmet

Taking inspiration from armadillo armor, this new style of bicycle helmet can unfold flat and be shipped/carried/folded up very efficiently.  Check out more information at Definitive Touch here.