Happy Thanksgiving!

Image from Cranksgiving.org … a nationwide event combining bicycle riding with delivering food to local food banks (by bike of course) for the Thanksgiving holiday! Maybe SLO County will have one next year…!

Happy Friday!

Video: Holstee Manifesto

Happy Friday!

Biking Saves Billions in Health Costs

It seems like we’re seeing more and more articles these days about bicycles and health (and many other articles connecting bicycles with the topics of today). But recently a study was published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives which puts numbers with the benefits associated with more bicycle trips.

Researchers found that if inhabitants of the sample region switched to bikes for half of their short trips, they’d create a net societal health benefit of $3.5 billion per year from the increase in air quality and $3.8 billion in savings from smaller health care costs…

Yet another reason bicycles are great! View the article on GOOD.is here.

If you think bicycles are a great solution to many problems also, join the Coalition! It’s the way to have YOUR voice counted when we advocate for bicycles on the local, state and national level.

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Women, Bikes and Business

Here at the Coalition, we know that bicycling is an all-inclusive movement: the more the better! The Huffington Post currently has a great article about why women on bicycles is good for business, and our future. Seems like we’ve been seeing more bicycle related articles on the press these days, a great sign for the future of bicycles and much more…

And, while bike-related terms are certainly “trending,” you’d miss out if you thought that was all it was. Biking represents a simple activity and lifestyle change that could affect so many of the big, societal issues we face today: carbon emissions, urban transportation, and obesity — as well as some that are not given the priority they should, such as community-building and connection with nature.

-Andrea Learned

photo via copenhagencyclechic.com

Happy Friday!

CRAZY automated bike parking in Japan…