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Show how much you love bicycles, and you could get $5,000 for the Coalition! and CLIF Bar have partnered to host this contest in order to share the joys of adding biking to your lifestyle. Your photo could be shared on GOOD’s website of best picture entries and you could help raise funds for the Coalition.


Top three entries win funds for a bicycle advocacy organization of their choice (the SLO County Bicycle Coalition, we hope!), along with tons of CLIF Bar prizes.


  1. Submit a photo of your bicycle
  2. Submit a story of your favorite/most memorable/unique bicycle experience (250 words max)
  3. Submit the contact information for your favorite bicycle advocacy organization (we’ll make it easy for you: SLO County Bicycle Coalition, 860 Pacific St Suite 105, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401)
Provide all the above by September 5th (through the GOOD site).
The top 15 will be featured on GOOD the week of September 12th for voting (we’d be happy to help spread the word for you if you make the top 15). GOOD LUCK!

August 20th FREE Bike Ed Workshop

You have a legal right to be on the road and we’ll give you the tools to make it easy. Our workshops teach traffic psychology and techniques that will empower you while you ride. August’s workshop is held in the afternoon, giving you more time to sleep in before you join us as we share our bike joy and knowledge with you!

When: Saturday, August 20th, 12:30 – 5:00 pm

Where: Coalition Office, 860 Pacific St, Suite 105, San Luis Obispo [map]

Why: With confidence, bicycling is a safe and enjoyable way to travel. Join the movement!

How: More details and registration can be found online here.

Advocacy Alert

Advocacy Update

Have you seen the advocacy update from the latest Spoken Wheel? Well, here it is!

(You can find the higher quality image on our flickr photostream)

Advocacy Alert

Bicyclist Harassment Outlawed in LA

Leaders in the City of Los Angeles recently voted to pass an ordinance which makes verbally or physically harassing bicyclists a crime, to help increase the safety of bicyclists of all types. The Los Angeles Times has a good article about the issue here.

 … shared stories of harassment; they described motorists who threw objects, shouted insults and tried to run them off the road.

This ‘groundbreaking move’ is one huge step forward that Los Angeles has taken recently to encourage bicycling in their metropolis. Harassment from drivers can certainly rattle any bicyclist, and threaten safety of all road users, discouraging this type of behavior is something we at the Coalition work towards everyday.

We previously posted a great series of videos from South Carolina to promote safe streets, this one deals directly with harassment:

We hope that everyone on the road can feel comfortable to give and get respect, this will keep everyone safe. Ride predictably, ride smart, and have fun!

Advocacy Alert

UPDATE: Johnson Ave Road Diet

A very special thank you to everyone who showed up at the SLO City Council meeting on July 19th, your voices were heard and the Council voted unanimously to continue with the project as planned! This is a great step for making SLO County a safer and more enjoyable place for bicycles, and you were directly involved.

We will be sure to provide you with details as the project moves forward, and look forward to sharing the finished results with you as well! View the Johnson Ave Road Diet with this graphic:

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Spring 2011 Spoken Wheel

View and download the latest Spoken Wheel online here. If you are a member, it will be arriving in your mailbox soon! Otherwise, you can pick one up at one of our events.

We’ve got updates from our programs, the National Bike Summit, Bike Month, and advocacy issues around SLO County. A few new features inside include a legal advice section from Harris May Bicycle Injury Lawyers, more bike hacks, and a couple surprises as well.

Advocacy Alert

Johnson Ave Road Diet

Join us on Tuesday, July 19th, 6:00 pm at San Luis Obispo City Hall, 990 Palm St, to show your support!

This project has been carefully thought out by City staff for nearly six years, and is important to improve visibility and safety of bicyclists and pedestrians near this dangerous intersection of Johnson Ave and San Luis Drive.

View the proposed plan in a detailed graphic showing the benefits of the project: Johnson Ave Road Diet Infographic

Due to it’s proximity to SLO High School, Cal Poly and downtown SLO, this area is high traffic, and high speed. The combination of young drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists from the high school, and people using Johnson Ave to get to downtown, is extremely dangerous for all road users. A ‘road diet‘ will greatly calm traffic, and provide increased visibility for vulnerable users.

In the past, San Luis Obispo has created a similar ‘road diet’ on South St, which received a statewide award for it’s efficiency in calming traffic in the neighborhood. Borrowing on techniques and successes from this project, the Johnson Ave proposal is sure to provide similar results.

The Coalition asks that you join us at the next City Council hearing to express your support for this project in order to increase the safety of biking and walking in this area!

Check out a video of Johnson Ave to see how fast vehicle traffic is in this area, without a bike lane!

View our detailed Johnson Ave Road Diet Infographic