Happy Friday!


Lock up a bike in NYC. Take a photo a day. Watch it disappear.

Coalition Jersey Sale!

Our friends at Voler Team Apparel are having a sale on our jerseys! A significant portion of your purchase goes towards the Coalition so we can continue to provide our communities with the advocacy, programs and encouragement they need to choose bicycles for transportation and recreation.


There are women’s jerseys available as well, get ’em while the sale continues!

Bike Hanger

Check out this awesome concept project from Manifesto Architecture, based in New York. It’s a vertical bicycle parking system, intended to be used in spaces where space above the sidewalk is under-utilized.

The users pedal the bicycle on the bottom to rotate the hanger until their bicycle is ‘delivered’ to them on the ground level. Genius! We’d love to see one of these in action… maybe one day.

Happy Friday!

Elvis rides a bike! The Muppets ride bikes! The Beatles ride bikes!

See more at the Rides a Bike blog.

“Forever Bicycles” by Ai Weiwei

“Forever Bicycles” by Ai Weiwei is made of 1,000 bicycles installed in a 10-meter high space. Pretty darn impressive!

We’re Hiring!

Have you dreamt of getting paid while making SLO County more bike-friendly? Make your dreams come true and join our team… the Coalition is now hiring a Bike Valet Coordinator! To learn more about this opportunity and to apply visit our website.

Happy Friday!

Great video from Chicago’s Kidical Mass, a cover song of Rebecca Black’s ever-popular “Friday”…