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      When a new year is on the way, we give many promises, we have personal expectations from the others, but how many of us will complete or even begin everything we promised? It is obvious that a lot of us leave some things in the middle, so you can do all the following things you promised to yourself at the dawn of 2018 so when this year is gone, you will be a bit wiser! Let’s discover the top promises you need to keep considering to cycling.

      Walk or run in the area you are riding. Initially, it will make you see the tracks in another way. You will see details and beauties that you have not imagined there are – you might find some hidden path that you overtaken when you were on the bike. In addition, running is a very good alternative workout in order to improve on the bike.

      Learn how to adjust the speeds on your bike. Very simple and fast work that when done in a wrong way makes you want to get out of your clothes because you are really tired. So learn to adjust the speeds on your bike! You know, you can be a perfect cykel cruiser without hurting your body.

      Leave Strava off. Go out for a ghost ride, a workout that no one will ever learn. You can also turn off the cell phone to have absolute peace of mind. You do not have to either run or zoom. You can simply enjoy the journey, clear the mind, escape. This is the main cause of biking. You escape reality.

      Declare participation in a match. Whether its cross country, or enduro you will surely have fun. Try to make a mini-preparation for your own improvement, call out friends and acquaintances to come and see you. The only thing you can do is make new friends, you can find new routes and you will definitely enjoy your beer on the finish line!

      Maintain on a path or follow a new one. Maintenance is much more basic and easy, because creating paths requires permission from the forestry chiefly. So take a scissors, a spade and clean your favorite path. Cut the flowers that bother you, cover the holes and enjoy your path in your own way.

      Learn to do basic maintenance on the front suspension of the bike. Making the basic suspension service is something too easy and fast. So if you grab your hands, those rainy mornings you can not go to the mountain sit down, open the suspension, clean it and grease it. The only thing that is certain is that its operation will be like brand new.

      Go for a truly epic ride. How many kilometers have you covered with your mountain bike? It doesn’t matter. You aim to make as many as you can. You do not have to be in a crazy mood, unless you are really focused and you have set higher goals.

      Leave the bike on a Sunday and go out with your girlfriend or your non-cycling friends. It is really great to go for a ride all along with your bike friends, but sometimes you have to leave it at home and go with your other half with your non-cycling company. The only sure thing is that they will be amazed as they know your madness about the bike.

      Change your eating habits.
      We all love pizza and ice cream, but they do not really help anyone who wants to improve on some endurance, such as cycling. Add more vegetables and fruits in your diet reduce sweets and avoid too much fatty foods. This way you will not only see your performance increase, but you will also see your body transforming and this is the best part about cycling.

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