cycle chic from copenhagen

Do you ever think that you have to sacrifice your style if you intend to ride your bicycle for daily use? Check out Cycle Chic from Copenhagen to look at it from a new angle. As bicycles are becoming a fast growing trend worldwide, they are also a chance to reflect your own personal style, while contributing to a safer, healthier urban landscape on a bicycle.

Anything and everything can be done on a bike, even move your christmas tree!

flat pack bicycle

Nicolas Belly, a designer based in France, recently received second place honors for his entry into the L’Argus Design Competition.  The theme of the competition was “Less is More: Traveling in the Era of Simplicity”.  With his entry, Nicolas created a flatpack bicycle and scooter, to be assemble by the user when they need to get around.  No word yet on fabrication, but the idea is pretty fantastic.

“the kitten”

Gregory deGouveia built a bike with outrageously large car wheels.  “The Kitten took me about a week for the frame and wheels. The headlights and brakes took about another week. The Kitten was built because the wheels were free. It’s excessive and inefficient — it’s sort of the anti-bike.”

SF Bike Expo Fashion Show

As we all gear up to ride around in the rain, it’s hard to ignore the functional and aesthetic aspects of our cycling equipment.  In December, Momentum Magazine put on a fashion show in San Francisco to showcase some of the trends in cycling apparel for everyday use.  From formal to street attire, the collection shows how cycling is becoming a rapidly growing cultural trend, and debunks the stereotype of cyclists only wearing matching jerseys and shoes.

For more about gearing up on your bike during these winter months, check out the newest edition of Momentum Magazine on their website here.  Their reviews of the lastest cycling equipment can be very helpful when considering what to put on the next time you need to bike around in the rain.

Also remember that if you are a SLO County Bicycle Coalition member you are entitled to a reduced subscription rate for Momentum Magazine, and for every new subscription they will contribute $5 to the Coalition as well!  Perfect for a late Christmas present, in case you forgot.

cycling education videos

interested in learning the ropes of how to safely and legally ride in the streets? check out the Cyclist Lorax youtube channel for great videos from a bicycle’s perspective to understand the safest ways for you to get around town on your bike.

if you want to jump on your bike and experience some of these techniques first hand, look into some of the bike confidence workshops that the SLO Bike Coalition puts on throughout the year!

tattoo bicycle helmet

Taking inspiration from armadillo armor, this new style of bicycle helmet can unfold flat and be shipped/carried/folded up very efficiently.  Check out more information at Definitive Touch here.

flying bike lanes

Martin Angelov created this new method for urban transport for the Line of Site competition this past year.  His work, Kolelinia, aims to  “not only be a transport, it has to be an experience,”

An idea that began in it’s early stages with the concept of flying bike lanes, quickly turned to an infrastructure that would exist above ground for bicycle transport.  His implementation is well thought out, and includes many safety features that aren’t often addressed in revolutionary ideas like this.  For more information about the project, check it out on ArchDaily here.