bicycle sidecar

Have you ever wanted to be able to safely transport two people on one bicycle, without having to have a tandem bicycle all the time? Now’s your chance! Check out this website to see some construction tips on how to build yourself a slick looking sidecar and roll around in style.

ArtCrank Poster Show

Artcrank Poster show is an annual poster show that takes place once a year at various US cities. Intended as a means to highlight bicycle culture and design, the mission of the show is to bring the spirit of bicycles, and the art form of posters together.

copenhagen bike share program

the winners of the design competition for the new copenhagen bike share bicycle have been announced. taking top prize is erik nohlin of LOTS design. the new bicycles will be placed at bike share stations throughout one of the world’s most bike friendly cities, allowing users to swipe a credit card in order to ‘check out’ a bicycle for their personal use.

an incorporated front rack will allow users to run errands easily, thus encouraging alternative transportation for simple trips like to the grocery store or dinner.

ornate wooden handlebars


the bicycle safari

a blog from lund, sweden that captures the little details of bicycles parked around city streets in the city. to check it out head over to the blog here.

Bicycle Portraits Project

In the process of creating a photographic book which captures South African bicycle commuters and their bikes, the Bicycle Portraits Project created this video to show some of the photos they have taken along the way. As a means to empower the riders in continuing to ride their bikes, and to learn why they ride, the project aims to bring awareness to the bicycle in South Africa.

Critical Mass in Vancouver, Canada

As promised, a continuation of the Critical Mass (Bike Happenings) around the world. Even though all of these locations are scattered worldwide, once you’re on a bike with a large group of people, the feeling can be the same.

This one in Vancouver, Canada.