Critical Mass in Budapest, Hungary

Critical Mass (what we know as Bike Happening) here in San Luis Obispo, is quite an event held throughout cities across the globe. Here at the Coalition, we have decided to do a series of posts sharing what our  friends around the world are doing at their Bike Happenings.

Below is a glimpse of what it’s like in Budapest, Hungary. The very end of the video has some great shots of thousands of people gathered with their bikes, enjoy!

Re-Imagining Rush Hour with BIKES!

Check out this video of rush hour times from Utrecht, Netherlands. Could you imagine what it would be like if all of these people were in single-occupancy vehicles like we are in the US?!

Help fight congestion and traffic by riding a bike or walking! May 17 – 21 is Bike to School and Work Week in SLO County! With tons of local coffee shops offering free cup of coffee when you show your helmet, for more details check out Rideshare’s website.

Scrapertown: A Story of Bicycles in East Oakland

The following is a great video by a group called California is a Place, which makes amazing videos aimed at sharing experiences from all walks of life throughout the Golden State.

This video highlights an individual in East Oakland who focuses his energy on creating unique bikes, scrapers, to ride around the city in, his way of expressing his creativity in the city landscape. His story is inspiring and beautifully captured here in this video, an inspiration for all of us to jump on our bikes!

tweed run

over 400 cyclists in london gathered on april 10th for their 2nd annual tweed run. the concept of a tweed run is to dress up in the turn of the century “tweed wear”, ride your bikes around and bask in the nostalgia of what life and styles were like a decade ago.

the ride was 12 miles throughout the city, and included a break for tea in the middle, accompanied by a three string orchestra, and prizes for best styles. the event ended up raising about $1,500 for bikes4africa, an organization that helps send bikes to africa for schoolchildren to commute on!

additional photos can be found on their flickr stream here.

this all leads up to the ultimate question: would you participate in a tweed ride in san luis obispo county? why or why not? we’d love to hear your feedback!

Cote de Tolosa | Coalition Fundraiser

The Coalition has partnered with Tolosa Winery to host an amazing event for this year’s Bike Month, the Cote de Tolosa Velo Challenge is an epic 52 mile cross country loop, including 5,000 feet of climbing and a lunch at Tolosa Winery afterwards.

The ride is FREE, starts promptly at 7:30am, and is for serious riders only, pre-registration is required for the ride and can be done online at the Tolosa website or by calling the tasting room (805) 782-0500.

After the ride, from 12:00 – 2:00 there will be a lunch catered by Mama’s Meatballs, the $20 lunch tickets will benefit the SLO County Bicycle Coalition and includes a glass of wine. Lunch tickets are also available online.

If you are interested in volunteering at any of the ride checkpoints (lunch is included!) email to sign up!

There will be a 20% discount on Tolosa wine extended to those participating in the ride or lunch. We hope to see you out there supporting the Coalition at the winery!

2010 Kidical Mass Starts with a Bang!

This past Thursday was the first Kidical Mass of the season, complete with a sunshine theme, we were able to ride with about 80 people through downtown San Luis Obispo, and safely teach kids how to ride! The next Kidical Mass is set for June 3rd with the theme being BUGS, meet at Mitchell Park at 5:30 before the ride, come say hi to the next generation of cyclists!

A few images from the ride are shown below, with more on our Flickr page:

Denver Introduces Bike Sharing

This is a great video illustrating how easy bike sharing is, and how Denver, CO has become one of the recent US cities to install such systems. Anyone can get a bike for any purpose, a great way to reduce congestion and encourage active living.

May 2013. Photo by Megan Rivoire.

Coalition in the News

The SLO County Bicycle Coalition has been working hard these past few months, on key initiatives throughout the county that could bring better bicycle facilities for all. Below is a brief update on the Coalition in the news!

Recently, we were mentioned by MindBody online in their article in Outdoor Magazine, where they were named one of the top 50 places to work in the country! Congrats to MindBody, and thanks for mentioning the Coalition!

“We are a member of the San Luis Obispo Bike Coalition and ‘home office’ bikes are available for commuting employees to use on their lunch breaks to run errands or get some exercise. Our office building has bike room storage and men’s and women’s showers meant to encourage biking and working out on lunch breaks.”

-Excerpt from Outdoor Magazine’s article, “50 Best Places to Work

The Mustang Daily also did an article highlighting May’s 2010 Bike Month, as hosted by Rideshare. Our executive director, Dan Rivoire, was interviewed, along with our friend Kelsie Greer from Rideshare.

“We want the valet parking at community events to encourage new people to get on their bikes and remind them of how fun and efficient it is to get around on a bike,” said Bike Coalition executive director Dan Rivoire.

-Excerpt from Mustang Daily’s article, “Bicyclists Hit the Roads in Month-Long Competition

The San Luis Obispo Tribune also did an article about Bike Month, pointing out some of the events of the month, and showcasing the hard work put in by Rideshare and the Coalition.

“Bike Month officially began Saturday with a parade of riders through the Arroyo Grande Village. San Luis Obispo County Bicycle Coalition members also led various rides for people eager to try cycling.”

-Brief excerpt from SLO Tribune’s article, “SLO County kicks off Bike Month

If you hear of any Coalition news or events in the news, feel free to send us links or articles. We are always looking to spread the word and gather support for bicycles in the County, after all, we exist because of our dedicated members and bicyclists like you!

To join the Coalition, head over to our website, the more members we have, the more powerful our voice is when advocating for better bicycle and walking facilities, encouraging active healthy lifestyles for everyone!