Head to BAXTER MOERMAN in July and Support the Coalition!

Our neighbors at BAXTER MOERMAN have offered to donate all the proceeds from watch band adjustments and sizings to the Coalition during July! No need to bring in a flier or anything, just head down and let these talented jewelers do the rest.

They are the only shop in town with cases of jewelry they make exclusively in house, heavily inspired by the textures and senses of nature.

BAXTER MOERMAN produces the highest quality wearable art using only recycled 18K golds and conflict free diamonds, because  care about the health of our Earth, its future generations, and the rights of all humans. BAXTER MOERMAN jewelry is a beautiful extension of your personality as well as your conscience, wear it with pride!

-Owners Matthew Baxter and Matthew Moerman

Help support our local jewelers and give them a visit! BAXTER MOERMAN are conveniently located a block away from the Coalition offices at 1118 Morro St (between Higuera & Marsh). For more information visit their website, or give them a call at (805)308-8118

Visiting SLO County without a car

The Ventura County Star recently ran an article about visiting San Luis Obispo County without a car, by taking advantage of bringing bikes on Amtrak’s Surfliner trains.

If you’re considering traveling along the Southern California coast, Amtrak recently announced that bringing a bike on the Southern Surfliner train line is FREE! Allowing writer David Loe the opportunity to travel to San Luis Obispo for the 4th of July weekend without ever being in a car!

We not only succeeded, it was a lot of fun. It’s a trip I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys either walking or pedaling. You’ll return home with a great feeling of accomplishment, and, as you’ll see, it’s not that tough to pull off.

-David Loe on his car-free weekend in SLO

The next time you are heading to San Luis Obispo for fun or work, think about a car-free trip by combining the train and bicycle facilities we have to offer. Stop by the Coalition office while downtown and ask us about some great bicycle routes to check out too!

$5 Off Coalition Membership in July

Join the Coalition this July and receive $5 off your membership. To join, look for us at events throughout the SLO County, visit our office in San Luis Obispo, or sign up online! With more members countywide, we can stand united in making SLO County a better place for bicycles.

Your membership helps continue to provide our communities with programs such as the Bike ValetBike KitchenKidical Mass and Bike Confidence Workshops.

Already a member? Tell your friends about the deal and show your support for bicycles countywide as we celebrate summertime in SLO County!

NEW Stickers!

We just got some more “I Bike” stickers in yesterday, with plans to get more for the other towns within SLO County in the near future. Look for the stickers at our events countywide throughout the summer and beyond!

We are always promoting bicycles throughout the county all the time, check out some of the other stickers in the works on our Flickr page.

ihome bicycle speakers

ever wanted to integrate a speaker system onto your bicycle without having to go through complex wiring and permanent attachments to your bike? now’s your chance to blast some tunes while cruising on two wheels, iHome released the ih85 bicycle speaker system, which essentially integrates the speakers/ipod into a device that looks like a water bottle and fits on a standard water bottle cage. no word yet on how well it works, but it’s a great idea.

electric bicycle concept

Ralf Kittmann recently won major accolades among the design community for his electric bicycle concept HMK 561. Below is the fully functional prototype made from “conductive carbon fiber, which is not only an excellent conductor of electricity, but also acts as a capacitor that can store energy.”

Traditionally, e-bikes have a battery stored in the bulky frame somewhere, but this new concept allows the carbon fiber frame to create and transmit power to the motor & lights between the rims. With this new idea, you sit essentially on the battery, which is charged through the frame when you’re pedaling! BRILLIANT!

Read more here.

bicycle sidecar

Have you ever wanted to be able to safely transport two people on one bicycle, without having to have a tandem bicycle all the time? Now’s your chance! Check out this website to see some construction tips on how to build yourself a slick looking sidecar and roll around in style.

ArtCrank Poster Show

Artcrank Poster show is an annual poster show that takes place once a year at various US cities. Intended as a means to highlight bicycle culture and design, the mission of the show is to bring the spirit of bicycles, and the art form of posters together.