wall of bikes!

A bike shop in Altlandsberg, Germany displays their merchandise on the wall of their building, rather than with a traditional sign out in front of the store. All in all, there are roughly 120 bikes mounted on the wall of the building!

become a member in september, get a shirt!

During the entire month of September, if you sign up to become a member of the SLO County Bicycle Coalition, you will receive a FREE “i bike SLO” t-shirt! These are quickly becoming a staple for everyone in the bicycle world of SLO County, be one of the people bringing bikes to your neighborhood by sporting one of these!

To join the Coalition, head over to our website or download our membership form, fill it out, and send it our way: 860 Pacific St, Suite 105, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (drop-ins are also welcome!).

Already a member of the Coalition? You can still get yourself a sweet t-shirt for $15 by contacting us!

Bike Breakfast on the Boulevard

Here at the Coalition, we’re all about trying to encourage bicycle and walking transportation, which is why we do a bike breakfast on the last Friday of every month right in front of our office! Join us on the corner of Morro & Pacific St in San Luis Obispo for a cup of coffee, fresh scones and fruit!

This week we will be debuting our NEW bike mounted blender! Giving you the ability to blend smoothies with your own pedal power, a great gadget that will make your morning commute that much better!

Bike Contrail

Imagine if bicyclists were able to leave a playful trace of their path as they are riding, allowing them to be more visible to passing motorists and pedestrians. That’s just what the Contrail design concept is all about.

By leaving a ‘unique mark’ upon the roadway that bicycles use, it allows bicyclists to leave a trace in the built environment that they ride in, just like cars do with oil slicks, tire marks and potholes. With this simple human powered device, bicycles can turn the pavement into a work of art.

A mechanism like this can also be used as a great teaching tool, challenging people to ride in a straight line as they check over their shoulder, keeping kids riding within lines that you create, and much much more.

The environmental impact of putting chalk on the ground might be something to take into account, as water from our roadways goes to our storm drains, which head back to our oceans. Not to mention the fact that it turns the zero emission bicycle, and creates an unnecessary output from i.

No word on the production of it yet, but you can check out their website here. The design is part of a larger competition held by Design21, Power to the Pedal.

Share the Road III

This is the third of our PSAs to encourage a safe sharing of the road between bicycles and cars.

Riding a bike can be great fun! Putting a smile on motorists faces, and reconnecting you with your neighborhoods. You’d be surprised how much more you notice when you’re riding at a bicycle’s pace. Being courteous to drivers is a great way to ensure a positive relationship with motorists in the future and making the road safer for all.


Share the Road II

This is the second of our three PSAs to encourage a safe sharing of the road between bicycles and cars.

Remember, when riding with a buddy, move into a single file line if there is a vehicle behind you. This will help with the flow of traffic, as well as maintain a positive relationship between motorists and bicycles, something that will help make the road safer for everyone.


Share the Road

This is one of our three PSAs to encourage a safe sharing of the road between bicycles and cars. Remember, it’s always very important to remain visible on the road when you are on your bicycle, it is the best way to ensure that other vehicles see you and can go around you if need be.


Velorbis Leikier Bicycle

The folks from Velorbis (the Danish bike company) and Leikier (Danish blacksmith) have teamed up to make this limited edition bicycle. Inspired by old motorcycle design, as evidenced by the chopper-style fork, the bike is incredibly unique, and is guaranteed to turn heads. With a $3000 price tag, we would have to start saving years ago in order to get on anytime soon. See more here.