Janette Sadik-Khan: Rockstar

As the NYC DOT commissioner, and probably the #1 candidate for a female icon in transportation leadership. She is a major part of 2x increase in bicycle ridership in NYC in the last 5 years!


Over 200 miles of lanes have been added in recent years, 8,000 bike racks, and the city is set to launch their 5,000 bike (largest in the country!) bikeshare system this summer!


As you can see, more lanes means major increases in ridership, and crashes remain stable – a great sign.

We are updating a capital resource. Our streets have been in suspended animation for nearly 50 years. We are bringing community design back to the table, where traffic engineering has dominated

NYC is embracing bicycles like you can’t even imagine, and she is at the center of it.

Janette Sadik-Khan, yet another rockstar here with us in DC.

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