the shweeb

this pedal powered monorail system was developed in New Zealand, by Geoff Barnett, about 10 years ago. currently, it is set up as a park-style ride, but Barnett’s original inception was as an individual form of transport for major cities. the idea is centered around a sustainable form of transit that provides people with an aerobic workout as well.

right now the shweeb is only in a park setting in New Zealand, but it’s concept is something reminiscent of a hyper-futuristic city, or the beginning title sequence of futurama:

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bicycle moving day!

Saturday, February 20th, we moved our entire office by bike! A parade of 10 bicycles and trailers through downtown SLO to our new office on Pacific & Morro St. Get ready to see the Bike Coalition in a central downtown location, and in a neighborhood near you!

a very special thank you to everyone who came to help us haul everything from our old space to the new spot!

bike seesaw.

using the classic B33 brooks saddle, designer Ben Wilson has created a seesaw to commemorate the nearly 150 years of manufacturing. with the aluminum frame and clean lines, it is clearly modeled after a bicycle. anyone would be lucky to have this on their playground as a kid.

bike tire belt.

Julian Jarboska has devised a clever way to reuse your old bicycle tires, but turning them into your new favorite fashion accessory: a belt! By using a bunch of different types of tires and colors, these can soon be the perfect addition to your cycling wardrobe. Not to mention they’re just kind of fun.

SLO Bike Boulevard in the News

Our bike boulevard here in San Luis Obispo, located on Morro St downtown, is in the news on the Los Angeles Streetsblog! The bike boulevard has been established for almost 3 years, and the barriers were added a little over a year ago. The barriers give bicycles the ability to pass through, while cars are redirected towards side streets, drastically reducing the car traffic on the street.

photo: Drew Reed

If you have not already taken a ride on the Morro St/Bill Roalman Bike Boulevard, it is a great chance to feel empowered on your bicycle, with decreased car traffic on the street, it is a very safe, comfortable ride for all types of riders.  At the end of the street is a bike stop light sensor, allowing bicycles to have their own light at the Morro St & Santa Barbara St intersection. Simply place your bicycle on the marked sensors and see the bike light turn green for you to safely cross the busy intersection!

Special thanks to Drew Reed over at the LAStreets Blog for the SLO Bike Coalition shout out!

robot riding a bike.

cycle chic from copenhagen

Do you ever think that you have to sacrifice your style if you intend to ride your bicycle for daily use? Check out Cycle Chic from Copenhagen to look at it from a new angle. As bicycles are becoming a fast growing trend worldwide, they are also a chance to reflect your own personal style, while contributing to a safer, healthier urban landscape on a bicycle.

Anything and everything can be done on a bike, even move your christmas tree!

flat pack bicycle

Nicolas Belly, a designer based in France, recently received second place honors for his entry into the L’Argus Design Competition.  The theme of the competition was “Less is More: Traveling in the Era of Simplicity”.  With his entry, Nicolas created a flatpack bicycle and scooter, to be assemble by the user when they need to get around.  No word yet on fabrication, but the idea is pretty fantastic.