Bike Valet

Free Bike Parking!

Every Thursday evening we set up our free Bike Valet at the downtown Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo. From 6:00 – 8:45 PM the Bike Coalition is there, parking people’s bikes and watching over them until the end of Farmers Market.

If you’ve never seen our Bike Valet, take a look at this video:

We park a lot of bikes every Thursday night, but we’ve always got room for a few more. We’d love to see you bike down some Thursday and let us hang on to your bike as you explore the market and downtown shops.

Farmer Market in SLO isn’t the only place we park bikes. Our Bike Valet service can be hired for your event, wedding or workplace. It’s an easy way to promote healthy, sustainable transportation to your event and is helpful when vehicle parking is tight and congestion is a problem.You can learn more here: